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Autonomous Vehicles Expo UK
27th June 2019 | International Centre, Telford
CAV | Testing Infrastructure | Advanced Sensors | Autonomous Safety | Cyber Security | Camera Systems | Radar | GPS


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Nephos Technologies’ helps organisations to transform the way they store, manage and secure their data, regardless of whether it resides in public or private Cloud environments. Nephos delivers innovative ways of solving new and old problems, making the right choice the easy choice when it comes to your data.



The future of autonomous driving is inherently linked to development of stochastic processing technologies and sensing. Looking at the need for algorithms that will not enable to be validated through robustness principles, how can safety be guarantee?

Jaguar Land Rover  Connected and Autonomous Vehicle CAV technology

Jaguar Land Rover to start real-world tests of innovative connected and autonomous vehicle technology 


Meridian brings together government, academia, innovators and developers of intelligent mobility solutions in a collaborative partnership. It facilitates and supports the acceleration of the UK’s emerging connected and autonomous vehicle sector within the global transport ecosystem with resources to enable profitable growth.


Horiba Mira are researching intelligence and algorithms for the cooperation of connected and autonomous vehicles.


Presenting and Demonstrating

We will be showing the “ground truth” navigation products from Oxford Technical Solutions and the robot and autonomous driving development tools from Anthony Best Dynamics


Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground to exhibit developments of new CAV testing facility at the Autonomous Vehicles Expo UK

Whether you want to test, develop, store, refurbish, remarket or simply drive vehicles; hold a conference or an exhibition; shoot a movie or launch a new product, conduct driver training or corporate hospitality then Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground is the place to do it. With a uniquely flexible attitude, anything truly IS possible!


RACELOGIC design and manufacture electronic systems to measure, record, display, analyse and simulate data from moving vehicles. Our flagship VBOX has become an industry standard way of measuring speed, position, distance and acceleration, whilst our VBOX Motorsport in-car camera systems and performance meters are increasingly popular in motorsport. Meanwhile our LabSat GPS Simulator gives you the ability to record and replay real GNSS RF data as well as user generated scenarios. 



The mobility revolution demands new simulation solutions. MSC’s tools work together to address an industry-leading breadth of challenges in development and validation of driver assist systems to fully autonomous vehicles.


Helix Technologies is developing a range of high-performance, ceramic-based antennas for use in a wide range of demanding telecommunications and satnav/GNSS applications. The antennas out-perform incumbent antenna technologies and are particularly suited to applications where there is a need for precise positioning and downward pressure on device size, weight and power, for example Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles (GNSS and DSRC V2X), drone delivery platforms, personal body-worn devices and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications 


When you’re investing in strategic research and development, you need to know that you can turn that investment into business value. That’s where patents come in. A patent or even just a patent application provides the legal deterrent to competitors who would rather copy unprotected technology and provides reassurance to investors who want to see something more tangible than just great ideas.

The Industry

Billions in research, development and manufacturing are being invested in the future of transportation – creating a virtuous “hot spot” for innovators. Advances in diverse technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, autonomous safety and cyber security combined with innovative business models such as ride hailing and pooling are set to  significantly disrupt the £3.4 Trillion global transportation and logistic market over the next few years.   

The Event

The UK’s premier Autonomous Vehicle Expo is the must-attend event for those wishing to accelerate development of autonomous vehicles.


The event will provide a unique and exclusive opportunity to CONNECT with technology and service leaders, DISCOVER advanced concepts, technologies and partners, enabling you to get your INNOVATIONS to market faster.




The B2B event is free to attend. Professionals from across the industry attending will include, but not  be limited to:   Founders / Co-founders / CEO / COO / CTO • Executive Director, Product Management & Development • Chief Marketing Officers • Chief Communications Officer • VP Global strategy • Chief Commercial Officer • Director, Technology and Innovation • Technical Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence •


Speaker Agenda

 Listen to industry leading speakers from manufacturers, investors through to research and development scientists on the latest pioneering technology projects taking place throughout the sector. 


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