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UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

Mobileye, Volkswagen to launch autonomous ride-hailing service in Israel

Full commercialization of the project is expected by 2022 and hundreds of self-driving electric vehicles are envisioned once fully rolled out. ntel’s Mobileye, the Volkswagen Group and Champion Motors have announced plans to establish Israel’s first autonomous ride-hailing service, with the project due to start in early 2019. The service, known as “New Mobility in…
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30th October 2018 0

How Jaguar Land Rover Is Getting Ready For The 4th Industrial Revolution: AI & Autonomous Cars

As the United Kingdom’s largest automobile manufacturer and investor in research and development in the UK manufacturing sector, Jaguar Land Rover is the combination of two iconic British car brands—Jaguar that features luxury sports cars and sedans and Land Rover, maker of premium all-wheel-drive vehicles. These brands began in the middle of the 20th century…
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28th October 2018 0

Driverless car safety revolution could be scuppered by moral dilemma

To align moral algorithms with human values, we must start a collective discussion about the ethics of autonomous vehicles’ Driverless vehicles could theoretically reduce the number of accidents by as much as 90 per cent. But this bright vision of the future – in which the number of fatalities on Britain’s roads could be reduced…
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26th October 2018 0

Future Telematics Will Come From the Factory: Verizon Connect

Vehicle tracking and other commercial connected-vehicle technologies will eventually be purchased when a fleet manager orders the vehicle from the manucturer and will come equipped with the vehicle rather than added as an aftermarket solution, Verizon Connect‘s chief executive said at the annual Latitude conference. “Over time, there will not be aftermarket solutions,” Andrés Irlando told the…
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25th October 2018 0

Ford to test self-driving cars in Washington DC

On Monday, Ford announced a partnership with the city’s government to begin testing self-driving cars in early 2019. Ford’s self-driving car startup, Argo AI, has already begun mapping the city. So far, self-driving cars have been tested mainly in suburbs and smaller cities. Ford officials told CNN Business they were drawn to Washington DC because…
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24th October 2018 0

The Science of Self-Driving Cars

Soon, your car will be able to drive itself faster and safer, while you relax in the seat. What’s the future of personal transportation? Well, you’ll likely be spending a lot less time behind the wheel, for one. The rise of self-driving cars means that some scenes out of science-fiction flicks (think Total Recall or…
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23rd October 2018 0

Oxbotica plots London driverless taxi service by 2021 in deal with Addison Lee

Making small talk with a taxi driver could soon become a thing of the past. Oxbotica, a start-up spun-out of Oxford University, has today signed a deal with Addison Lee, the taxi and courier company, to launch a driverless taxi service in the capital by 2021. Ahead of the launch, the companies plan to work…
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22nd October 2018 0

Sweden powers up the first mixed reality testing center for autonomous cars

The Swedish government has unveiled the world’s most advanced testing facility for autonomous cars. The AstaZero 5G test facility, located in Gothenburg, can replicate real-world traffic, as well as hypothetical scenarios where cars share the streets with drones, cyclists or pedestrians. The facility is a joint project of the state-owned Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)…
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19th October 2018 0

Rand study shows it’s hard to gauge self-driving car safety

Gauging the safety of self-driving vehicles has become increasingly vexing. Manufacturers often tout automated vehicles as technological marvels that will dramatically reduce the human toll of crashes. But that’s a broad promise, and a new Rand Corp. study says a safety framework is needed as automakers prepare for commercial deployments. “The meaning of safety in…
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18th October 2018 0

Mercedes Wants To Make 2020 S-Class Partially Autonomous

Mercedes-Benz plans to debut its own semi-autonomous system on the refreshed S-Class sedan, due in the 2020 lineup, according to an Automotive News interview with the company’s head of research. The system will offer what the Society of Automotive Engineers refers to as “Level 3” autonomy, which means the car can drive itself in certain situations without any…
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17th October 2018 0