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UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

In the Driverless City, How Will Our Streets Be Used?

Many of our hopes and anxieties surrounding the advent of the so-called smart city find their clearest expression in the driverless car. Suggesting the prospect of more carefree and efficient transportation as well as the looming cloud of ungovernable technology, autonomous vehicles (AVs) can inspire both fear and optimism (see the outraged response to the 2018 death…
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24th February 2020 0

Global Autonomous Car Market 2019 Top Company – Bosch, Continental AG, Delphi, Denso

The market intelligence study namely, Global Autonomous Car Market reveals well-researched projections of Autonomous Car market with and industry value in the coming five years from 2019 to 2024 and other exploration for market forecast. The subject matter experts and a team of highly-skilled researchers have put in hours of work to make this research document on…
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14th November 2019 0

The Enemies of the Autonomous Vehicle

Sometimes when you are on the brink of a rebellion, it’s hard to see what’s happening around you. Chandler, Arizona, has become a hot­bed of attacks on autonomous vehicles (AVs). Over the past three years, people have assaulted self-driving cars in the city nearly two dozen times, pelting them with rocks, trying to run them…
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5th November 2019 0

Nearly 80% of People Won’t Snooze in an AV

New research shows that potential autonomous vehicle riders haven’t gained a comfort level with the technology.Some 79% of people said they would not be able to fall asleep in a self-driving car—indicating a continued emotional discomfort with the technology, according to a new survey from The Zebra. The findings show that due to safety concerns…
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28th October 2019 0

Look no hands: self-driving vehicles’ public trust problem

While the Silicon Valley race to make autonomous vehicles (AV) feasible is proceeding full speed, with technology giants, capital-loaded startups and veteran automotive partners working incessantly to get miles under their belt, a subtle but influential enemy is jamming their wheels: public distrust. Based on recent studies, the general public doesn’t appear to be ready…
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14th August 2019 0

Slowing ourselves down: Autonomous cars speed up traffic, study shows

According to new research, a fleet of driverless cars working in unison can improve overall traffic flow by at least 35%. You might fancy yourself as a bit of racer, but researchers have found that the very fact that you’re human means you’re probably slowing down traffic. According to a study by the University of…
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10th June 2019 0

Essential Stats For Justifying And Comparing Self-Driving Cars To Humans At The Wheel

In speaking at various industry events, I am often asked about some of the various statistics frequently mentioned as a form of justification or rationale for the pursuit of autonomous driverless cars. At times, such stats are batted around, and it is hard to know where they came from, nor know whether they are reliable,…
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3rd June 2019 0

Self-Driving Cars – Run Into Reality

Self-driving cars once seemed poised to inaugurate a new era in transportation. But now, driverless cars are further away than most analysts thought. Why? What many had hoped would be a market worth trillions of dollars has hit a wall of technological, legal and public-perception obstacles. Ten years into the race to build self-driving cars,…
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23rd May 2019 0

Nothing to fear? How humans (and other intelligent animals) might ruin the autonomous vehicle utopia

Globally, road crashes kill 1.3 million people a year and injure nearly 50 million more. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have been identified as a potential solution to this issue if they can learn to identify and avoid situations leading to crashes. Unlike human drivers, these vehicles won’t get tired, drive drunk, look at their phone, or…
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2nd May 2019 0

CarGurus’ 2nd annual autonomy survey finds people warming up to self-driving cars

People’s acceptance of the idea that cars will drive themselves is growing, but those who feel ready for autonomy are still a minority. We may not be technologically ready for self-driving cars, but people are warming up to the idea that they may someday be on our roads. Nick Miotke/Roadshow As a media outlet that…
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1st May 2019 0