Month: November 2018

UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

Robots in the field: farms embracing autonomous technology

Faced with seesawing commodity prices and the pressure to be more efficient and environmentally friendly, farmer Jamie Butler is trying out a new worker on his 450-acre farm in England’s Hampshire countryside. Methodically inspecting Butler’s winter wheat crop for weeds and pests, the laborer doesn’t complain or even break a sweat. That’s because it’s a…
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30th November 2018 0

National Safety Council CEO Joins Google’s Autonomous Car Venture

Former National Safety Council chief executive officer and president Deborah Hersman has joined autonomous vehicle developer Waymo as the company’s first chief safety officer. Waymo is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., parent company of Google. The newly created position is meant to emphasize Waymo’s commitment to public safety. With applications in major industries such as…
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29th November 2018 0

Audi, Disney partner to reportedly create ‘new media type’ for self-driving cars

When, or if, self-driving cars commercially make it to markets, users will for sure have a lot of free time during the ride. For this, Audi and Disney are partnering together to create ‘new type of media’ for autonomous cars. Though none of the companies have officially announced the partnership, in a recent interview with…
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28th November 2018 0

This self-driving hotel room could revolutionize travel

(CNN) — Question: What do you get if you cross a hotel room with a self-driving vehicle?Answer: The Autonomous Travel Suite (ATS). (Autonomous Travel Suite: A hybrid design which combines a hotel room with a self-driving vehicle, the Autonomous Travel Suite (ATS) comes in a range of sizes designed to accommodate solo travelers, couples or…
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27th November 2018 0

Autonomous vehicles to be trialled in London before Christmas

AXA XL, along with others, to start testing ”in the next few weeks” The DRIVEN consortium has announced that, following successful trials in Oxford, autonomous vehicle mapping will be tested in London “in the next few weeks”.. Led by autonomous vehicle software provider, Oxbotica, vehicles will be mapping the streets of Hounslow and are expected to…
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26th November 2018 0

Driverless buses and taxis to be launched in Britain by 2021

Scottish passengers could be the first in the world to experience autonomous buses. The government has said that self-driving buses will be shuttling across the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland by 2021, carrying half a million passengers a year. The Department for Business is pumping £4.35m into a £6m project that will see five single-decker…
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23rd November 2018 0

UK autonomous vehicle trials to receive £25 million grant

Three autonomous vehicle projects are set to receive backing from a share of a £25 million government fund on Thursday, as the UK edges closer to making self-driving cars a reality. Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark will announce the public trials in Oxford, after trying a self-driving vehicle firsthand, which is being tested around…
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22nd November 2018 0

How Autonomous Vehicles Will Upend Transportation

Autonomous vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, and hard-core promoters contend that driverless cars could soon be the norm rather than the exception. Many other knowledgeable analysts, however, say widespread adoption of fully autonomous cars is many years — perhaps decades — away. The chief reason for the delay is the years it will take to…
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16th November 2018 0 raises $15.5 million for autonomous vehicle software is emerging out of stealth today with quite the claim — an operating system for autonomous vehicles that will never fail Founded by long-time automated systems engineers Jan Becker and Dejan Pangercic, develops operating systems for various types of autonomous mobility platforms. Today, is also announcing a $15.5 million Series A round led…
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15th November 2018 0

Navy explores use of autonomous vehicles for dangerous, dirty and dull work

bFrom sweeping minefields to exploring the depths of the ocean, unmanned vehicles on land and at sea could be a big part of the Australian Defence Force’s future. The technology is on show at the Autonomous Warrior 2018 challenge at HMAS Creswell, on the New South Wales south coast. Commander Paul Hornsby, from the Australian…
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14th November 2018 0