Month: September 2019

UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

ZF at the IAA 2019: Technology Brings Mobility, People, and Climate Protection Together

ZF initiative #MobilityLifeBalance: meeting people’s mobility needs with sustainable solutions ZF EVplus makes electromobility suitable for everyday use without anxiety regarding vehicle range All ZF products exhibited at the IAA reduce emissions and improve vehicle safety Autonomous electric shuttles make city centres more livable “Individual mobility is one of the achievements that has significantly improved…
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30th September 2019 0

Audi Shares Study on Autonomous Cars and Just How Welcome They Would Be

Largely dependent on nationality and age, the perception of self-driving cars differ across the world. As autonomous cars are becoming more of a reality, a recent study by the German carmaker, Audi, shows how interested people are about owning one. Surveying over 21,000 people, the report published on Wednesday, generally highlighted a high interest in self-driving…
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27th September 2019 0

Self-driving startup pulls in $50 million, a Chinese autonomous driving startup, said it has raised $50 million in a fresh round of funding from top Chinese investors, as yet another company bursts into view in the country’s thriving smart mobility market. Why it matters: The deal may signal that Chinese venture capital funds are once again favouring self-driving startups, as…
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26th September 2019 0

Is Level 5 Autonomy Attainable?

Experts in AI for autonomous vehicles poured cold water on expectations that the self-driving future is just around the corner. BRUSSELS — At the closing session of the AutoSens Conference here Thursday, two experts on the limitations and testing of artificial intelligence (AI) in autonomous vehicles (AV) gently poured cold water on a longstanding hope…
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25th September 2019 0

Building the Model T for Gen Z

Before long, the rideshares we summon with our phones may come without drivers. Though that’s not a ride many would accept just yet, a number of companies are nearing launch phase on driverless robotaxi vehicles. Alphabet subsidiary Waymo launched the first limited commercial robotaxi service last December in Phoenix, and existing ride-hailing services like Uber…
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24th September 2019 0

British-founded start-up Voyage wins funding from Jaguar Land Rover for driverless retirement home shuttles

Voyage, the Silicon Valley self-driving car startup founded by a British entrepreneur, has raised $31m (£25m) including from Jaguar Land Rover as it prepares to launch a commercial, driverless taxi service. The company, which currently operates self-driving cars as transport for residents of retirement communities in Florida and California, said it was preparing to remove…
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23rd September 2019 0

Future of Driverless Deliveries Depends on Large Auto Makers

Nuro startup’s co-founder says autonomous cars can resolve ‘last-mile’ problem but aren’t sustainable without help from car manufacturers Dave Ferguson, co-founder and president of Nuro, said there are solutions to bridging the gap between safety and speed in future models of autonomous cars. He spoke at WSJ’s Future of Everything Festival. Replacing the milkman for…
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20th September 2019 0

Better than a pair of eyes: Bosch camera with AI for driver assistance and automated driving

Bosch aims to be the market leader for camera technology Harald Kroeger: “We want to make cars better drivers than people.” For reliable object recognition, Bosch camera takes unique multi-path approach. AI designed by Bosch: camera improves legacy driver assistance systems and extends their application range. Stuttgart, Germany, and Yokohama, Japan – Automated driving technology…
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19th September 2019 0

New data transfer tool for complex autonomous vehicle and ADAS testing

AB Dynamics’ new product offers complete connectivity of all test vehicles and objects and the reliable collection of data when undertaking AV and ADAS testing. TrackFi PowerMesh, a new dual-band radio, can select between two frequency bands using 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz RF transceivers, ensuring optimum connectivity between multiple vehicles in a test scenario and secure…
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18th September 2019 0

US gives three states grants for self-driving car research

Automakers aren’t the only parties interested in self-driving car research. The US Department of Transportation has issued the first three awards from its Automated Driving Systems Demonstration Grants, and it’s good news for Michigan, Ohio and Virginia. Each of the three states is the first recipients with $7.5 million apiece for Michigan and Ohio and…
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17th September 2019 0