Month: July 2020

UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

Continental & NVIDIA partner on self driving tech

No self-driving cars are available today, but like it or not, they’re coming. Automakers and supplier companies around the world are hard at work developing the technology that will enable these autonomous machines. Accelerating its own efforts, German firm Continental has set up a new supercomputer specifically for developing advanced driver-assistance technologies. The unit in question is built around…
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Ford expands partnership with Mobileye

Ford is expanding its partnership with Mobileye, the Intel-owned autonomous driving technology business, the companies announced Monday. Ford plans to customize Mobileye’s vision-sensing technology to improve its existing driver-assist features, such as forward collision warning; vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection; and lane centering.  The two companies have worked together for years, but this agreement marks…
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Caterpillar acquires autonomous technology firm

Caterpillar today announced the acquisition of selected assets and employees from San Francisco-based robot and autonomy technology solutions company, Marble Robot Inc. The acquisition is part of Caterpillar’s automation and autonomy strategy and demonstrates its commitment to the next generation of jobsite solutions. Building on its leadership in autonomous mining, the company plans to leverage…
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Aurrigo wins Innovation Award at 2020 Autocar Awards

Richard Fairchild, Operations Director at Aurrigo tweeted “It’s fantastic to be recognised by Autocar for the work we’re doing in bringing autonomous vehicles to the public and to win the coveted Innovation Award this year. It’s also a huge congratulations to the dedicated team making all this happen. Onwards and upwards!” The Autocar Awards celebrates…
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Satellite Network to Support Autonomous Vehicles

One of the most important components in an autonomous vehicle is its communications technology—which allows it to access the data needed to navigate its route. Chinese automobile company Geely has developed a solution to maintain a reliable data feed for its products: making its own satellite constellation. The giant automaker—which sold 2.18 million vehicles in…
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