Intempora launches software toolchain for the validation of AV algorithms

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Intempora launches software toolchain for the validation of AV algorithms

23rd July 2019 autonomous technologies development New research News report research and development 0

French software specialist Intempora has unveiled a new set of digital tools for the benchmarking, testing and validation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD) functions, including deep learning and perception algorithms.

Intempora Validation Suite (IVS) enables automotive and IT engineers to centralize, store and share their recordings of driving datasets, annotate and index them with tags (obstacles, weather and traffic conditions, etc.), search for particular situations, preview results, and then post-process huge amounts of recorded driving data on parallel computing clusters with the aim of validating perception algorithms with specific scenarios.

“Data management and test automation for ADAS/HAD validation have been a longtime request by our users all over the world, especially with the huge datasets by recorded autonomous driving sensors,” said Nicolas du Lac, CEO Intempora. “Today we are proud to release IVS powered by Microsoft Azure to answer the needs of the automotive industry.”

Sanjay Ravi, general manager automotive industry, Microsoft Corporation, added, “Intelligent data analytics and machine learning algorithms are key to the implementation of autonomous driving scenarios.

“By integrating IVS with Microsoft Azure’s cloud and AI tools, Intempora helps the automotive industry tackle autonomous driving challenges that haven’t been solved yet.”


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