Delta Motorsport unveils flexible AV chassis and control system

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Delta Motorsport unveils flexible AV chassis and control system

6th September 2019 development News opinion research and development 0

Silverstone-based Delta Motorsport has launched its generic autonomous EV platform Delta S2 today (September 4) at Cenex’s Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Event being held at Millbrook, Bedfordshire.

The Delta S2 is an aluminium skateboard-style chassis engineered to allow for complete flexibility in vehicle length, width, ride height and wheelbase. Its brain is Delta’s highly flexible platform master controller (PMC), which enables rapid and low-risk development of new vehicle configurations.

Delta’s PMC accommodates a wide range of drive, steering and braking system configurations, also taking control of interfaces with the battery system, charger and all other ancillary high-voltage components. Integrated within the PMC is Delta’s vehicle dynamics control capability, which offers benefits from simple traction control right up to electronic stability program (ESP) capability.

“Many companies are developing the artificial intelligence required for autonomous vehicles, but they do not necessarily have a vehicle capable of delivering their vision,” said Simon Dowson, managing director of Delta. “The flexibility of the S2 chassis and the integration of the platform master controller allows the delivery of multiple configurations quickly and at low cost.”

In addition to the new S2 flexible vehicle platform, Delta is also showcasing its catalytic generator and battery modules. The Delta catalytic generator produces 35kW of electrical power and is relevant for a wide range of applications.

“Its low weight, compact size and near-zero-emissions make it ideal for use as an automotive range extender,” said Nick Carpenter, engineering director at Delta. “Even using gasoline as a fuel, the optimized operation point and catalytic reaction give competitive efficiency with near-zero NOX, CO and particulates.”

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