Exploring the “Deep & Meaningful” Impact Autonomous Vehicles Will Soon Have

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Exploring the “Deep & Meaningful” Impact Autonomous Vehicles Will Soon Have

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At Shift Automotive 2019, a two-day conference focused on the future of mobility held during IFA 2019, among the many topics covered was the profound impact autonomous vehicles will soon have in the world.

Former Apple developer relations specialist, Pejvan Beigui is now the CTO of EasyMile, a company that develops and deploys autonomous mobility solutions. At Shift, he spoke passionately about what he feels will be the significant effect his, and other companies, autonomous mobility solutions will soon have on everyone’s lives.

Among the company’s many current products is the EZ10 shuttle, a driverless vehicle that enables smart mobility in urban, suburban or private areas. The EZ10 is designed to bridge the gap between hubs and to enable new mobility for public and private sites. EasyMile claims the autonomous vehicle, with over 100 deployments globally thus far, “is the most deployed driverless shuttle in the world.” To see the EZ10 in action, click here.

Beigui began his presentation jumping right into what he refers to as “the very deep and meaningful impact that autonomous vehicles will have on our society.” He explained that this is precisely why there’s such a massive amount of investment currently going into this sector.

He also discussed the different approaches he is seeing from companies such as Tesla, Waymo and his own EasyMile, and laid out what the road ahead will look like in this space going forward.

With regard to EasyMile, Beigui said, “The company is a major actor in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) revolution with our EZ-10 autonomous shuttle. We have sold more than 100 and deployed them in 20-plus countries, from Australia and Japan to the US.”

He added that the company has also been working on integrating their Level 4 autonomous software stack in vehicles from other manufacturers, such as Alstom’s tramway, TLD’s tow-tractor and a bus from IVECO.

Beigui added that the EasyMile mission is to save lives through their self-driving technology, providing the aforementioned Level 4 software stack and sensor integration expertise to its partners, including automakers, industrial companies and mobility providers.

The technology in the EZ10 includes sensors that can detect a vehicle’s environment within a radius of up to 200 meters. The EZ10 shuttles are also equipped with a total of seven radar sensors, as well as laser sensors and cameras. This allows the location to be precisely determined and, at the same time, early detection of obstacles and potentially critical situations.

Safety First

When asked how roads will become safer with these solutions, Beigui explained, “Over the past 15 years, technologies under the umbrella name of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) have helped make cars much safer than ever before. Unfortunately, in many circumstances, the driver needs much more than just assistance (drunk driving, texting while driving, etc.). While it will take a few years for autonomous vehicles to prove their superiority, these seem to be some of the low hanging fruits that autonomy can pick today.”


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