Summon an AutoX robotaxi on China’s AutoNavi app today

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Summon an AutoX robotaxi on China’s AutoNavi app today

28th April 2020 Automated Driving autonomous technologies smart city 0

AutoX announced today that its autonomous vehicles are now available on China’s AutoNavi navigation app, which is one of the most popular navigation services in China. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba bought AutoNavi for US$1.5 billion in 2014.

Beginning today, riders will be able to summon a robotaxi on Autonavi’s ride-hailing platform, which is known as Gaode in China. The service is launching in Jiading, a district in the northwestern part of Shanghai with a population of more than 1.5 million. The region will serve as the main coverage area for the service.

Users can either request a regular car with a driver like an Uber, or a self-driving robotaxi from AutoX. The Gaode app’s algorithm determines which vehicle to dispatch based on the earliest time of arrival.

The AutoX RoboTaxi launch in Shanghai is the first time an autonomous ride-hailing service is available on a major ride-hailing platform in China, according to the company.

AutoX was founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley by Xiao Jianxiong, a former Princeton University assistant professor. Xiao also serves as the company’s CEO. He launched the company with a goal of “democratizing autonomy” by making it readily available as part of people’s everyday lives. The company’s U.S. headquarters are in San Jose, California.

“The seamless combination of autonomous and human-driving fleets is a crucial step for the adoption and commercialization of self-driving technology,” Xiao said in a statement on Monday.

AutoX developed a full-stack Level 4 autonomous driving solution called the “AI Driver”, which integrates both the software and hardware. The hardware includes solid-state lidar, high-definition cameras and a processor, which acts as the brain of the system. The full-stack AI Driver autonomous driving system can be installed in different types of vehicles.

AutoX already holds a permit to test its autonomous vehicles in California with a driver present, joining over 60 other companies including Waymo, BMW, Nvidia, Ford Motor Co and Tesla that were granted the autonomous vehicle test permit by the state’s DMV.

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