G7, GLP, and NIO Capital partner to develop autonomous driving electric trucks

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G7, GLP, and NIO Capital partner to develop autonomous driving electric trucks

3rd April 2018 Uncategorised 0

G7, an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company in China; GLP, a global provider of modern logistics facilities and technology-led solutions; and NIO Capital announced a joint venture (JV), controlled by G7, focused on developing next-generation smart heavy-duty trucks. The trucks will reportedly feature autonomous driving, new energy technologies, and logistics big data, and they will employ models of vehicle-as-a-service.

Built on G7’s real-time data and fleet management capabilities, GLP’s open logistics ecosystem, and NIO Capital’s automotive industry partnership, the JV aims to create the next generation of smart vehicles for logistics and transportation through cross-industry collaboration. The JV’s immediate objectives are to develop industry-leading, autonomous-driven electric heavy-duty trucks that are efficient, safe, and easy to manage; and to build innovation in asset-as-a-service for the logistics and transportation industry via artificial intelligence.

Xuehun Zhai, G7’s Founder and CEO, said, “Through its technical capacity, G7 is at the forefront of tackling the latest challenges in fleet safety, energy efficiency, and operations management. Emerging technologies and logistics big data are creating revolutionary opportunities to solve these long-term challenges. We will work closely with the automotive industry to achieve seamless integration of AI, trucks, and logistics scenarios and will challenge ourselves with a goal of developing a dream truck for logistics companies.”

G7 president, Julian Ma commented, “Redefining smart transportation equipment through new technologies and big data, as well as bringing innovation into asset management and asset-as-a-service in the age of road transportation robots, represents historical opportunities and challenges to us. We look forward to close collaboration with leading automotive groups, logistics companies, high-tech firms, energy companies and financial institutions around the world and jointly push cross-field innovation to the extreme.”

Source: https://www.autonomousvehicletech.com/articles/800-g7-glp-and-nio-capital-partner-to-develop-autonomous-driving-electric-trucks


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