Mighty AI announces new offerings for managing autonomous vehicle data

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Mighty AI announces new offerings for managing autonomous vehicle data

3rd April 2018 Uncategorised 0

Mighty AI announced a suite of new product offerings available in its data management platform for autonomous vehicle perception data. The new features are intended to help customers better manage ground truth datasets for developing machine learning models for autonomous vehicles. They include facial and license plate blurring for privacy, gaze tracking workflows to improve driver safety, and a portal for managing autonomous vehicle data. These enhancements complement Mighty AI’s cloud-based annotation platform for generating ground truth datasets to improve vehicle perception models.

The first offering involves privacy protections ahead of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a new European Union regulation designed to strengthen data protection for individuals. The GDPR, takes effect May 25th, 2018. To protect the privacy of individuals who appear in the raw image data companies collect throughout the development cycle of autonomous vehicles, Mighty AI launched a privacy solution, which includes automated facial and license plate blurring. The automated blurring functionality aims to anonymize people and their vehicles, allowing companies to conceal personally identifiable information before using the data in their development cycles. In addition to this new technology, Mighty AI’s community of annotators must also sign non-disclosure agreements prior to accessing images to further enhance data privacy.

“Any time you’re dealing with data that contains personal information, privacy is a concern,” said Mighty AI Founder and CEO Daryn Nakhuda. “Autonomous vehicles collect massive amounts of real-world data that must be labeled to train perception systems. Automated blurring solutions that aim to anonymize individuals in that data is a big step forward in protecting their privacy.”

Using a combination of in-house and open source datasets, Mighty AI trained a deep neural net that is proprietary and custom-built to detect faces and license plates in AV scenarios. Today, Mighty AI is using the model to automatically apply an irreversible blurring process to the faces and license plates it detects.

Another offering from Mighty AI, gaze tracking, was developed with the goal of improving driver safety. By detecting and monitoring a person’s face, expressions, and gaze, computer vision systems can determine a driver’s ability to take over control from an autonomous vehicle. By monitoring a driver’s gaze, the system can detect if the driver is at risk of falling asleep.

Mighty AI introduced the tools required for its customers to develop these crucial driver safety systems, which are particularly relevant to designing Level 2 and Level 3 autonomous vehicles. The new tooling generates keypoint annotations for labeling dozens of different points on a human face, which customers can then use to develop computer vision systems to track these points and determine driver attentiveness and readiness to take control from an autonomous vehicle.

Finally, Mighty AI announced tools to simplify autonomous vehicle data management, Mighty Studio, a portal for customers to manage their ground truth datasets. Mighty Studio performs quality assurance checks of ground truth datasets against objective measures. It offers features such as filtering by object classes and date ranges, and the ability to view annotations.

Visit www.mty.ai to learn more.

Source: https://www.autonomousvehicletech.com/articles/790-mighty-ai-announces-new-offerings-for-managing-autonomous-vehicle-data

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