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UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

Fisker plans to launch $40,000, 300-mile electric SUV in 2021

Fisker is jumping into the electric-crossover fray, announcing Monday plans for a new model that will have a 300-mile driving range and a starting price below $40,000. Sales to customers are expected to begin in the second half of 2021, and the company promises a “drivable prototype” of the new model will be revealed before…
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Robot valets are now parking cars in one of France’s busiest airports

Stanley Robotics says its self-driving valets are more efficient than their human equivalents Next time you head to the airport in France there might be a robot waiting to pick up your car. French firm Stanley Robotics has been trialling its self-driving robot valets for a few years, and this week started its first full-time…
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Study Reveals Apple, Tesla Most Trusted To Make Driverless Cars, Volkswagen Invested the Most

The total investment in driverless technology is $100 billion to date – but the companies that are adding millions (and billions) of dollars to the pot might surprise you. An independent survey of 1,000 people across the UK to find who the driving public trust to make driverless cars, comparing brands by their place in…
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On The ‘Edge’ With Driverless Cars

How soon will it be before you pull up at a stop light in your car, and the car next to you has no one behind the wheel? Maybe sooner than you think. One of the most interesting conversations I’ve had in recent months is with Bryan Mistele, founder and CEO of INRIX, the Seattle-based…
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