Month: September 2019

UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

The Path to Earning Consumers’ Initial Trust of Automated Vehicles

They say time goes by faster as you get older. I thought this was just a saying, like an old wives tale, but there is scientific evidence to suggest time really does go by faster as we age. This phenomenon is related to how the brain encodes memories. The brain takes longer to process a…
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16th September 2019 0

China’s Professor X says we are at the tipping point for mass roll-out of self-driving cars after tech advances

For nearly a century engineers have been working towards the goal of self-driving cars, a technological puzzle that has occupied some of the best minds in science and which has the potential to open up a multibillion-dollar market. Today we see hands-free valet parking and auto-pilot navigation in the US along with limited robotaxi services…
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13th September 2019 0

Here’s how we can build public trust in self-driving vehicles!

The automotive industry is undergoing an extraordinary transformation. The future of transport looks to be electric; highly automated; and – increasingly – shared. This transformation is ambitious, and this ambition is very welcome. In mobility, we can impact billions of people’s lives for the better. We can save countless numbers of lives. We can improve…
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12th September 2019 0

Japan To Let Autonomous Cars Roam Around Its Streets Before 2020 Olympics

Japan will allow dozens of autonomous vehicles to freely roam around streets near competition areas prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Bloomberg reports that the local government is working alongside car manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan to roll out self-driving cars on its streets for a week before the games commence next July. Japan…
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11th September 2019 0

Nissan and Infiniti ProPilot Assist

Just a few years ago, technologies like lane keep assist and radar cruise control could only be ordered on high-end luxury vehicles or as added-cost options on the most expensive top trims of others. Now, anything from a base model Corolla to a work truck with vinyl seats comes with some form of advanced driver…
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10th September 2019 0

TomTom launches autonomous car tests

Road navigation specialist TomTom is launching autonomous car tests, the company has announced. The vehicle, developed over two years, was unveiled on Thursday at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. The Dutch company did not provide any further details on the tests. The car is equipped with eight scanners, six radars, cameras and a GPS to…
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9th September 2019 0

Delta Motorsport unveils flexible AV chassis and control system

Silverstone-based Delta Motorsport has launched its generic autonomous EV platform Delta S2 today (September 4) at Cenex’s Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Event being held at Millbrook, Bedfordshire. The Delta S2 is an aluminium skateboard-style chassis engineered to allow for complete flexibility in vehicle length, width, ride height and wheelbase. Its brain is Delta’s highly flexible…
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6th September 2019 0

Top 5 autonomous driving systems in the world

The concept of autonomous driving has been around for a very long time. Today, almost every car manufacturer produces some sort of self-driving car, but only a few of them are developing systems that in the future will do not need human drivers to take control to operate the vehicle. With more self-driving cars hitting…
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5th September 2019 0

Now Holo’ing the streets of Tallinn

Holo is moving mobility forward, for good. Founded in Copenhagen in 2016, Holo was established to create the mobility service of the future. Today Holo is moving riders in pilot projects across the Nordics and the Baltics. Using autonomous technology, Holo meets the rider’s need for free mobility – while making the most of collective…
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4th September 2019 0

Coventry firm completes its first ever public autonomous pod trial in Canada

A Coventry-based driverless vehicle company has completed its first-ever public autonomous trial in Canada, opening up new opportunities for expansion in North America. Aurrigo has joined forces with the Ottawa L5 powered by Invest Ottawa and the Kanata North Business Association to give more than 350 local people the opportunity to ride in two of…
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3rd September 2019 0