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Sweden powers up the first mixed reality testing center for autonomous cars

The Swedish government has unveiled the world’s most advanced testing facility for autonomous cars. The AstaZero 5G test facility, located in Gothenburg, can replicate real-world traffic, as well as hypothetical scenarios where cars share the streets with drones, cyclists or pedestrians. The facility is a joint project of the state-owned Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)…
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19th October 2018 0

Rand study shows it’s hard to gauge self-driving car safety

Gauging the safety of self-driving vehicles has become increasingly vexing. Manufacturers often tout automated vehicles as technological marvels that will dramatically reduce the human toll of crashes. But that’s a broad promise, and a new Rand Corp. study says a safety framework is needed as automakers prepare for commercial deployments. “The meaning of safety in…
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18th October 2018 0

Mercedes Wants To Make 2020 S-Class Partially Autonomous

Mercedes-Benz plans to debut its own semi-autonomous system on the refreshed S-Class sedan, due in the 2020 lineup, according to an Automotive News interview with the company’s head of research. The system will offer what the Society of Automotive Engineers refers to as “Level 3” autonomy, which means the car can drive itself in certain situations without any…
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17th October 2018 0

Intel partners with Rolls-Royce to develop autonomous cargo ships

Rolls-Royce today announced that it would use Intel chips as it develops a global system for autonomous ships that carry cargo on the high seas. The partnership follows the announcement last year of an ambitious timetable to have fully autonomous shipping fleets deployed by 2025. While based in the U.K., Rolls-Royce is developing the shipping technology in…
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16th October 2018 0

Will 5G be necessary for self-driving cars?

Proponents of 5G say it will offer ultra-fast connections, speedier data downloads, and be able to handle millions more connections than 4G mobile networks can cope with today. One use for 5G is self-driving cars, but will they really need it? The telecoms industry envisions autonomous cars equipped with hundreds of sensors collecting and receiving…
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15th October 2018 0

£25 million boost for self-driving technology: apply for funding

Businesses can apply for a share of up to £25 million to develop, demonstrate and trial technologies for connected and autonomous vehicles in real-world settings. Innovate UK The Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) has up to £25 million to invest in up to 4 pilot schemes for self-driving vehicles. Funding is for pilots of self-driving…
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20th September 2018 0

Driverless vehicles: connected and autonomous technologies

How government is supporting research, development and demonstration of connected and autonomous vehicles, such as driverless cars. Department for Transport Connected and autonomous vehicles incorporate a range of different technologies, facilitating the safe, efficient movement of people and goods. Increased connectivity allows vehicles to communicate with their surrounding environment. This provides valuable information to the…
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20th September 2018 0

Rolls-Royce opens autonomous ship research and development centre in Finland

Rolls-Royce has opened a state-of-the-art research facility in Turku, Finland, to develop the technologies Rolls-Royce and its partners require to shape the future of an increasingly more autonomous global shipping industry. The new Research & Development Centre for Autonomous Ships includes a Remote and Autonomous Experience Space aimed at showcasing the autonomous ship technologies Rolls-Royce…
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10th May 2018 0

Autoliv and MIT AgeLab to collaborate in the research of autonomous vehicle systems

Autoliv, Inc. (NYSE: ALV and SSE: ALIVsdb), the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, signs research agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab. The two-year long research collaboration aims to develop a semi-autonomous vehicle prototype that demonstrates the future of human-centered artificial intelligence in the automotive space. The mission of this research collaboration is…
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4th May 2018 0

Denso extends R&D to Israel

Denso Corp. unveiled its satellite R&D team in Israel, including automated driving, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI). Starting in April, Denso’s R&D satellite will begin collaborating with local startups. This is the newest satellite in Denso’s global R&D network located in key regions. Denso distributes R&D functions around the world and works with local universities, research institutions,…
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3rd April 2018 0