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UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

Navy explores use of autonomous vehicles for dangerous, dirty and dull work

bFrom sweeping minefields to exploring the depths of the ocean, unmanned vehicles on land and at sea could be a big part of the Australian Defence Force’s future. The technology is on show at the Autonomous Warrior 2018 challenge at HMAS Creswell, on the New South Wales south coast. Commander Paul Hornsby, from the Australian…
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14th November 2018 0

The interior of driverless cars: 5 game-changing business models

Cars as restaurants? Cars as a doctor’s office? Driverless mobility will boost countless new business models for vehicles. An expert predicts the most exciting use cases – and how they will alter the interior design of cars. Cars as restaurants? Cars as a doctor’s office? Driverless mobility will boost countless new business models for vehicles.…
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13th November 2018 0

Halo Project spawns an all-electric, self-driving Subaru 4×4 fit for the apocalypse

There were plenty of automakers and aftermarket shops lining up to attract attention at last week’s SEMA Show, but one of the show’s most interesting vehicles came from the academic sector. The “Halo Project” Subaru from Mississippi State University looks at first glance like any other SEMA SUV – flared fenders, a powerful bumper, big…
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12th November 2018 0

Autonomous cars could be allowed to break the speed limit

Rule clarification could help develop a “digital Highway Code” THE LAW Commission has launched a consultation period to analyse how driving laws may need amending, should fully autonomous cars arrive on our roads. In an initial report, the Commission looks at the potential need for a “digital Highway Code” that could allow certain autonomous cars…
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10th November 2018 0

Autonomous vehicles could shape the future of urban tourism

In a new study, researchers examine how Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) may have a substantial impact on the future of urban tourism. In the first study of its kind, published in the Annals of Tourism Research, academics from the University of Surrey and the University of Oxford have examined how Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) may have a…
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8th November 2018 0

Working from car: Autonomous vehicles and the future of the 9-5

Remington Tonar: Innovation consultant and visionary thinker (Photo: Remington Tonar) ‘Working’ always appears on any list of “Things I’ll do in a driverless car.” But innovation consultant Remington Tonar’s future vision goes way beyond checking emails while in autopilot mode. Read what he has to say in this exclusive interview. As a partner at Brandsinger,…
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7th November 2018 0

Optimus Ride taps Nvidia for its level 4 autonomous cars

Optimus Ride, an autonomous technology startup based in Boston, revealed Nvidia’s Drive AGX Xavier as its development platform of choice for driverless cars. The company plans to upgrade all of its autonomous vehicles deployed in Boston’s Seaport District and the Union Smart Point development in Weymouth, Massachusetts with Drive AGX Xavier. It is also looking…
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6th November 2018 0

Ford, Volkswagen To Partner On Electric & Autonomous Cars

The world of automobile manufacturing is in flux, driven by the winds of change created by Elon Musk and his band of merry pranksters. Some established companies may disappear in the next decade, consigned to the dustbin of history along with such former brands as Packard, Plymouth, and Pontiac. At the same time, there is…
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2nd November 2018 0

Volvo in Pact With Baidu to Develop Autonomous Cars for China

Volvo Cars and Baidu Inc. are joining forces to develop robotaxis in China, set to become the world’s top market for driverless vehicles. Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, is aiming to match Alphabet Inc.’s push into the technology through Waymo and has signed a number of deals for self-driving cars with collaborators. In July, Baidu…
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1st November 2018 0

Waymo wins industry’s first approval to test driverless cars on public roads in California

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has granted Waymo the state’s first permit to begin testing driverless vehicles on public streets and highways. Initially, the autonomous vehicles will be allowed to operate in parts of Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto in northern California. Waymo plans to launch an autonomous…
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31st October 2018 0