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UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

Driving Adoption In New Mobility: Loyalty Programs

New mobility faces a veritable laundry list of challenges, from regulatory obstacles to a lack of interoperability to vested interests opposing the changes that progress requires. There is nothing unusual about this, however. All technologies, especially deeply transformational ones, face these hurdles. Smart cities are, of course, leading the charge for new mobility. The concept…
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18th July 2019 0

VW Plans To Launch Autonomous Vehicles In The Middle Of The Next Decade

Days after Ford and Volkswagen expanded their partnership to include autonomous and electric vehicles, the German automaker has revealed new details about their autonomous driving plans. In a mock interview with the company’s autonomous driving boss, Alexander Hitzinger revealed Volkswagen will launch small fleets of autonomous vehicles “in the near future.” The executive didn’t go…
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17th July 2019 0

DiDi opens its platform to Third Party Ride-Hailing Services

Didi Chuxing (DiDi), a leading multi-modal transportation platform, announced it is officially opening up its ride-hailing platform to third-party mobility service providers in order to aggregate more high-quality mobility resources to meet robust user demand. The announcement came as DiDi reached a partnership agreement with FAW Group Corporation (First Automobile Works Group Co.) and Dongfeng Motor…
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16th July 2019 0

The future of autonomous vehicles runs off roads and on to farms, construction sites and mines

Fully self-driving passenger cars are not “just around the corner.” While the well-capitalized leaders — funded by corporations, multibillion-dollar VC funds or advertising revenue — are on the more stable financial ground, many other full-stack autonomous vehicle startups may be looking for the off-ramp. With no clear path to funds outside of venture capital, full-stack startups…
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15th July 2019 0

Waymo has now driven 10 billion autonomous miles in simulation

Alphabet’s Waymo autonomous driving company announced a new milestone at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility on Wednesday: 10 billion miles driving in simulation. This is a significant achievement for the company because all those simulated miles on the road for its self-driving software add up to considerable training experience. Waymo also probably has the most experience when…
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12th July 2019 0

Lyft, Aptiv and the National Federation of the Blind partner on self-driving for low-vision riders

Lyft and Aptiv are already running autonomous driving trials in Las Vegas, and now they’re expanding that limited pilot to include low-vision and blind riders in a new partnership with the National Federation of the Blind. In a blog post detailing the news, Lyft notes that this is a key part of their overall strategy…
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11th July 2019 0

What Are The Different Levels Of Self-Driving Cars?

The levels of driving automation explained. The Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) sets what have come to be the most globally recognized standards for driving automation and these are divided into six levels of driving automation : Level 0 Driving Automation This is the lowest level of driving automation. The driver is in control of the car…
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9th July 2019 0

Aircraft lands itself truly autonomously for the first time

Many airliners can land automatically, but they don’t really land autonomously — the airport is guiding them in with a radio signal (the Instrument Landing System). And when many smaller airports don’t have this feature, it’s not even an option. Researchers at Technische Universität München might just make true autonomous landing a practical reality, though.…
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8th July 2019 0

Britons’ bad driving skills to inspire technology that can make driverless cars ‘think’ on the road

Tailgating, speeding, cutting people off on roundabouts and illegal U-turns are some of the worst moves made by Britain’s drivers — and now they are being taught to driverless cars. Oxford University scientists are using drivers’ bad habits to train autonomous vehicle technology to think like a human and react to the challenges they will face on the road. Footage from…
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5th July 2019 0

The Department of Defense wants ideas for a tiny autonomous space station

The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has issued a solicitation for a tiny, “self-contained and free-flying orbital outpost” that can host experiments and equipment in orbit and could eventually be scaled up for human habitation. The Orbital Outpost that’s being solicited would be small: it needs to have at least a cubic meter of space…
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4th July 2019 0