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UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

How autonomous vehicles will change car ownership

In the next 15 years, drivers in big cities may trade cars for car-sharing services and electric shuttles and cut car ownership by 70%. Cars are inefficient: They are parked 95% of the time. Cars generate a lot of air pollution: An average passenger car emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.…
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11th November 2019 0

Autonomous ‘Mayflower’ research ship will use IBM AI tech to cross the Atlantic in 2020

A fully autonomous ship called the “Mayflower” will make its voyage across the Atlantic Ocean next September, to mark the 400-year anniversary of the trip of the first Mayflower, which was very much not autonomous. It’s a stark way to drive home just how much technology has advanced in the last four centuries, but also…
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8th November 2019 0

MIT Scientists Develop Autonomous System With “Better Reasoning”

The system will help self-driving cars to more safely merge into busy traffic. Researchers from MIT and Toyota have collaborated to bring a new autonomous system to help vehicles navigate tricky intersections. The system helps to mitigate the problem of blind spots for humans and driverless vehicles alike. By improving safety in intersections, the research…
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7th November 2019 0

Five Components Of Autonomous Car Security

Among all AI solutions, I believe the cybersecurity of autonomous cars is the most crucial aspect. One incident alone affecting human lives could disrupt not only a victimized company but the whole industry. It stands to reason that people will immediately lose trust in such technologies. Take, for example, an incident in which a self-driving car…
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4th November 2019 0

Autonomous Vehicle Liability: Who’s at Fault When Self-Driving Cars Are in Accidents?

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles offer the promise of better driver and passenger safety. Autonomous vehicle technologies may have the power to eliminate human error – the number one cause of car accidents. Working out the kinks while testing self-driving vehicles, however, has already led to many serious and even fatal auto accidents. According to car…
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1st November 2019 0

Cities Are Trying—Again—to Plan for Autonomous Vehicles

On the one hand, autonomous vehicles offer an excellent opportunity to rethink how American cities operate, down to each lane line, crosswalk, and curb. Two years ago, the National Association of City Transportation Officials, representing 81 North American cities, published its first planning guide to self-driving vehicles, highlighting the possibilities. If everyone moves around on…
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31st October 2019 0

Volkswagen sets up autonomous driving subsidiary, plans Silicon Valley site next year

Volkswagen Group announced the creation of a subsidiary called Volkswagen Autonomy (VWAT) on Monday, with the German car giant saying it planned to “make autonomous driving market-ready.” With offices in Munich and Wolfsburg, Volkswagen said that VWAT would aim to “bring a self-driving system… to market maturity.” As well as its sites in Germany, Volkswagen…
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29th October 2019 0

Nearly 80% of People Won’t Snooze in an AV

New research shows that potential autonomous vehicle riders haven’t gained a comfort level with the technology.Some 79% of people said they would not be able to fall asleep in a self-driving car—indicating a continued emotional discomfort with the technology, according to a new survey from The Zebra. The findings show that due to safety concerns…
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28th October 2019 0

Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ feature may get early-access release by the end of 2019

Elon Musk says select Tesla owners will get a ‘feature complete’ version Tesla may grant certain customers early access to a “feature complete” version of the company’s “full self-driving” (FSD) capabilities by the end of 2019, Elon Musk said in a call with investors Wednesday. Musk said that this wasn’t “for sure” — but that…
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24th October 2019 0

Real-time Applications for IoT Within Smart Cities

f you were born before the beginning of the 21st century, you definitely have noticed that today’s technology is advancing very quickly and almost everything is becoming connected. In the 90s, you could connect via the internet on desktop computers. In the early 2000s, you were introduced to mobile technology, making portability and convenience something you…
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23rd October 2019 0