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Audi’s ‘empathetic’ AI:Me is about relaxing while commuting

Commuting is the worst part of driving. It’s a stress-inducing piece of hell that many of us endure on a daily basis. Audi aims to eliminate that stress with a tiny self-driving car that takes you on a virtual journey while you’re sitting in gridlock. The AI:Me (pronounced Amy) is the automaker’s “empathetic mobility partner.”…
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8th January 2020 0

Audi Shares Study on Autonomous Cars and Just How Welcome They Would Be

Largely dependent on nationality and age, the perception of self-driving cars differ across the world. As autonomous cars are becoming more of a reality, a recent study by the German carmaker, Audi, shows how interested people are about owning one. Surveying over 21,000 people, the report published on Wednesday, generally highlighted a high interest in self-driving…
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27th September 2019 0

Audi’s self-driving EV concept filters out rush-hour stress

Audi Many folks are cool on autonomous cars because we actually like to drive, but nobody wants to be stuck in rush hour or city congestion. Audi has addressed those concerns with the AI:ME, its latest urban concept car. The Level 4 self-driving EV would allow you to chill and be entertained in your vehicle,…
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10th May 2019 0

AI:Me concept is Audi’s autonomous, electric answer to rush hour traffic

From the compact dimension to the VR-powered cabin tech, the AI:Me concept is designed around the idea of urban autonomous driving. Meet Audi’s latest vision of the autonomous city car of the future. The adorable Audi AI:Me concept debuts this week at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show combining self-driving technology, electric motivation and a gorgeous,…
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17th April 2019 0