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UK's Leading Autonomous Vehicle Show

Who wants driverless cars? More of us than you may think

Autonomous cars are an increasingly popular topic, but do we actually want them running on our roads? The industry is more than willing to trial them, but what about the consumer? Relinquishing control can be difficult, especially when it involves potentially placing ourselves in danger. For this reason, some people are very concerned about the…
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1st August 2019 0

Rheinmetall takes over Canadian robotics specialist Provectus

Expanding the Group’s expertise base in autonomous driving The takeover of the Canadian company Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc. expands Rheinmetall’s technological capabilities in the field of robotics and autonomous driving. In future, both halves of the Group – Automotive and Defence – will benefit from the know-how of the newly acquired robotics specialist. Automation and…
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30th July 2019 0

Driving Adoption In New Mobility: Loyalty Programs

New mobility faces a veritable laundry list of challenges, from regulatory obstacles to a lack of interoperability to vested interests opposing the changes that progress requires. There is nothing unusual about this, however. All technologies, especially deeply transformational ones, face these hurdles. Smart cities are, of course, leading the charge for new mobility. The concept…
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18th July 2019 0

Audi’s self-driving EV concept filters out rush-hour stress

Audi Many folks are cool on autonomous cars because we actually like to drive, but nobody wants to be stuck in rush hour or city congestion. Audi has addressed those concerns with the AI:ME, its latest urban concept car. The Level 4 self-driving EV would allow you to chill and be entertained in your vehicle,…
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10th May 2019 0

25 tonne self-driving trucks to be tested on British roads for the first time

Self-driving trucks that could help to speed up roadworks are being tested on Britain’s highways for the first time. A 25-tonne autonomous truck, capable of moving huge amounts of the earth without human supervision will take to the roads on a stretch of the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon as part of a trial by Highways…
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7th May 2019 0

Fisker plans to launch $40,000, 300-mile electric SUV in 2021

Fisker is jumping into the electric-crossover fray, announcing Monday plans for a new model that will have a 300-mile driving range and a starting price below $40,000. Sales to customers are expected to begin in the second half of 2021, and the company promises a “drivable prototype” of the new model will be revealed before…
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29th March 2019 0

North American robotics orders to non-automotive companies surge to new records

North American robot orders to non-automotive companies surged to record highs through the first nine months of 2018, according to Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry’s trade group. Traditionally, the automotive industry (OEMs and tier suppliers) has accounted for over 60% of the North American market, but that number is down to 52% through September,…
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6th December 2018 0